03 March 2017

Labors spokesperson for regional Australia, Stephen Jones MP, has today criticised Rick Wilson for failing to protect the people of OConnor from cruel cuts to social security through the Omnibus Bill.

Mr Wilson has voted in support of the Omnibus Bill, which will hold childcare assistance to random through a series of cuts to pensioners, families, new mums and young Australians.

Rick Wilson parades as a lion in his electorate, but a mouse in parliament, and has blatantly acted against the communitys best interests, said Mr Jones.

Rick Wilson has a responsibility to represent the interests of his local community.

This Bill introduces $2.7 billion worth of cuts to family payments alone to pay for a $1.6 billion child care package, essentially ripping $5.6 billion from the household budgets of low income Australians.

This bill would take more than $3.30 off pensioners, families, new mums and young Australians for every $1 in proposed child care assistance.

Its a rip-off and a fraud, and Wilson should have voted in the interests of his community, rather than being shepherded in to vote for a policy which will hurt people most in need of assistance.

OConnor Key Facts:

  • Over 10,000 Family Tax Benefit-A recipients across OConnor would be around $200 worse off per child each year

  • Over 8,000 families who receive Family Tax Benefit-B would lose $354 because of the abolishment of the FTB-B end of year supplement

  • A cut of $14.10 per fortnight (single) or $21.20 (couple) for new pensioners would affect the 17.8% across the WA Wheat belt who are approaching retirement age

  • New and young job seekers would be significantly impacted by forcing them to wait 5 weeks before claiming a benefit