Throsbys Biggest Morning Tea to highlight breast cancer awareness

22 May 2013

biggest_morning_tea.jpgFederal Member for Throsby Stephen Jones will be holding his annual Throsbys Biggest Morning Tea tomorrow to raise funds and awareness for Cancer Council Australia.

This years morning tea will focus on promoting awareness for breast cancer screening for older women in the electorate.

The Federal Budget set aside an extra $55.7 million to invite women aged 70 and 74 to undergo a free mammogram, said Jones.

Currently the free service is only available to women who are aged between 50 and 69.

This expansion is predicted to target an extra 70,000 women across the country and detect an extra 600 cancers every year, which is vitally important because cancers that are detected with a mammogram are much smaller and more able to be treated with breast preserving surgery, said Jones.

I know there are a lot of older women in the electorate that this initiative will directly help, so Im inviting everyone to come along to my morning tea tomorrow to help spread the awareness.