08 February 2021

Revelations that almost $1bn over two years was diverted from super funds to medical procedures has created another hole in workers’ savings.
Instead of filling that hole, Scott Morrison keeps on digging.
There are serious questions to be asked when more than 30,000 people per year are forced to raid their retirement savings to pay for basic health needs.
Dipping into super on compassionate grounds should be a scheme of last resort.
Instead, under this Government, the social safety net has been run down and super has become a convenient piggy bank to fill the void.
The billion-dollar boom in compassionate super releases comes on top of the $40bn hole Scott Morrison created with his poorly-designed early access scheme.
But it gets worse.
Instead of helping workers repair the billions of dollars in damage to their superannuation savings, he’s doing the reverse.
He’s cutting their super contributions, despite promising not to at the last election.
And he’s cutting their wages, despite promising wages would go up.
Coming on top of Scott Morrison’s $40bn superannuation hole, lower wages and reduced super contributions will make a dignified retirement impossible for the vast majority of workers.
Instead of blowing up Australia’s world class super system for his own short-term political gain, Scott Morrison should put Australians first.
It’s time for him to commit to keeping his legislated super contributions, spike his wage-cut legislation and abandon his ideological war against a comfortable retirement for ordinary workers.