29 January 2021

James Shipton is gone, but the hot mess at ASIC continues.

Josh Frydenberg is doing nothing to fill the leadership vacuum created by James Shipton’s departure.

Instead, he’s tried to save his own skin while throwing respected corporate leaders under a bus.

He sat on the Thom Inquiry report exonerating James Shipton for six weeks.

He’s failed to say how or when the Government will recruit a replacement for Mr Shipton.

He’s been happy to leave ASIC rudderless at a time when corporate Australia and everyday consumers have never needed a trusted cop on the beat more.

He and Scott Morrison have destroyed trust with corporate Australia over their handling of both Mr Shipton’s case and their confected outrage at waste by senior executives at Australia Post.

Time and time again they have shown they always put their political interests ahead of proper process.

Josh Frydenberg must outline immediately how he intends to replace Mr Shipton and how he intends to address the trust deficit he has created with corporate Australia.