11 February 2021

Shadow Superannuation Minister Stephen Jones met with bus drivers at their Burwood Depot in Sydney this morning to hear of their concerns about Scott Morrison’s plans to cut their super.

The key message: bus drivers have compared the pair and they don’t like what they see. 
They work hard every day to get passengers where they need to go. 
Scott Morrison works hard every day to cut their wages and take credit for the states’ successful handling of the pandemic. 
They get a 9.5% superannuation contribution rate. 
Scott Morrison pays himself a 15.4% contribution rate with their money. 
When they take passengers onboard, they take the route and stick to the timetable. 
When voters got on board with Scott Morrison he told them their super would go up to 12% by 2025. 
Now he’s cutting their super, cutting their wages and taking a totally different route to what he promised. 
Only Labor is on workers’ side. 
Only Labor will deliver 12% as promised and legislated 
Only Labor will protect wages and conditions.