Back to school help could be the last for thousands of local families

07 January 2014

Federal Member for Throsby Stephen Jones says Labors Schoolkids Bonus payments rolling out to eligible families Warilla_PS_BER_opening_27Mar12_003.jpgfrom today could be the last if Tony Abbott gets his way.

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The Prime Minister has introduced legislation to repeal the $410 payment for each primary school child and $820 payment for each secondary school child designed to help meet the cost of getting ready for the new school year.

Family budgets are often pretty tight just after Christmas time, said Jones.

These payments are much needed relief for the 9450 eligible local families to help pay for basics like school uniforms, shoes, books and stationary.

Every one of these families will be, on average, $15,000 worse off over the term of their childrens education if Tony Abbott gets his way.

It is a savage cut from a Government whose priorities are all wrong, said Jones.

With every cut it is becoming increasingly clear they dont understand or care about cost of living pressures or the value of our kids education.

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