10 October 2019

Labor is calling for an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) study into the Morrison Governments plan to privatise Australias visa processing system.

Labor believes that the market power associated with the establishment of the private visa system and subsequent monopoly may have significant and detrimental anti-competitive impacts for both visa applicants and businesses providing services to visa applicants.

Privatising our visa system will lead to increased costs of visas, greater risks of worker exploitation, data security breaches and will make protecting national security more difficult.

Do we really want our visa system being outsourced?

Do we really want our visa system being outsourced to a monopoly provider?

2,000 jobs Australia-wide could be at risk if Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton sell off our visa system without the right supervision.

To make matters worse, LNP backroom dealer, Scott Briggs, a close friend of Scott Morrison and a former colleague of Immigration Minister David Coleman is a major investor in one of the bids to win the contract worth more than $1 billion.

Scott Morrison has recused himself from this process but this still doesnt pass the pub test.

We have massive blowouts in the wait times for people applying to be Australian citizens and at the same time this third-term Morrison Government is embarking on a dangerous folly to outsource our visa system.

The Morrison Government must stop its plan to privatise Australias visa system, immediately.