Labor’s Shadow Minister for Regional Communications, Stephen Jones, met with the Redcliffe’s NBN Action Group today to discuss a range of NBN issues from disconnected services, lack of access to telecommunications and a total lack of response from NBN and their local MP, the Member for Petrie.

The Redcliffe NBN Action Group is made up of local community members who have organised to respond to Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN.

Stephen Jones said that the people of Redcliffe have nowhere else to turn after their calls and correspondence to sitting MP’s have failed to produce any improvement.

For small businesses, this situation is a financial disaster. Local businessman, Tony Linford, who runs a small home-based business distributing agricultural equipment – has been waiting for nine months and has given up on the NBN!

Dennis Austen, a local real estate agent has had nine months of constant service loss and drop outs. It was Dennis’ frustration with the NBN that led him to start the Redcliffe NBN Action Group and to date, it’s no surprise that they have scores of complaints from the locals.

Members of NBN Action Group have had their landlines disconnected with little to no warning. One person I spoke to today said she’d been trying to connect to the NBN for seven months after being informed she’d have to make the switch, all she got was a dead phone and zero internet access!

The Redcliffe NBN Action Group meeting comes as the Turnbull Government continues to ignore the people of Redcliffe who have little or no access to the NBN. It’s people in places like Redcliffe who are fed up with the lack of action on these basic consumer issues and it seems that neither the local MP, the Member for Petrie, Mr Luke Howarth – nor the Minister for Communications, Minister Fifield are taking these issues seriously.

People of Redcliffe need more than talk - they want action – and they deserve better than copping the lame excuses from Liberal-National Party MPs like Mr Howarth – afraid to stand up to their Prime Minister.

As Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull made a lot of big promises and grand claims when putting his stamp on the National Broadband Network project.

The harsh reality is that too many people are ending up with disconnected phones, no internet access, and no indication when this mess will be cleaned up.