Shoalhaven residents and business have delivered a damning verdict on Turnbull’s second-rate NBN following systemic issues of poor speed, faults, failed connections and outages.

Labor’s Stephen Jones and Fiona Phillips said the response from locals at a community forum was crystal clear.

“Residents and business want a reliable service,” Mr Jones said

“What we heard was ongoing issues where people were experiencing problems and being caught in the NBN ping-pong between the NBN and their Retail Service Provider.

“People are pretty fed up. They just want their phones and internet services to work and to not have to worry themselves sick about it each and every day.”

Labor’s Candidate for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips, said people were tired of the buck passing between the NBN and phone companies.

“People want to see NBN and industry working together and for Government to be doing its job,” Ms Phillips said

“Labor is calling on the Government to put an end to the copper NBN rollout which has been shown to be the source of many problems; fix the installation process with guaranteed timelines and ensure business and households get compensation if they are sold a service that they aren’t getting.

“People feel dudded. The Liberals haven’t lived up to their promises and it’s the community that has suffered under Turnbull’s second-rate rollout.”

Labor said that billions have been spent on the NBN but, sadly, many locals have felt their service has actually gone backwards.

It’s high time the Turnbull Government acts to address these issues. Australia can’t afford to keep spending billions on an NBN that is not delivering.