Labor’s Stephen Jones and Leanne Donaldson said Turnbull’s second-rate copper NBN had failed the Bundaberg community.

Visiting Bundaberg today, Shadow Minister for Regional Communications, Stephen Jones MP, said Turnbull’s poor technology choices – switching from fibre to copper – was a disaster throughout regional Australia.

“Bundaberg was one of the first sites in Queensland to have copper-NBN switched on,” Mr Jones said

“At the time, the NBN said copper was cutting edge technology and that 90 per cent of users would get speeds of 50 Mbps.

“Well, the lived-experience has proven to be very different.

“In the past year, more than 500 Bundaberg residents complained to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman after experiencing failed connections, poor internet speeds and an inability to have their issues resolved.”

State Member for Bundaberg, Leanne Donaldson MP, said the TIO report showed a 160 per cent increase in NBN complaints with Bundaberg being a hotspot for poor internet services.

“My office consistently receives complaints about poor internet service, failed connections and residents and businesses unable to get their issues resolved.”

Stephen Jones said there were widespread issues with the old copper technology and residents and business were frustrated with the lack of response from the Government.

“Turnbull’s copper NBN is not up to scratch. It doesn’t meet the needs of today, let alone the needs of tomorrow.

“People are fed up. They want answers and they want solutions.

“Above all, they just want their phones and internet to work.”

Labor is calling on the Government to fix the mess they created and accept the 23 hard-hitting recommendations from the Parliament’s NBN Oversight Committee.

Those recommendations include stopping the copper rollout and completing the remaining rollout using fibre, introducing strong new consumer protections and ensuring the TIO has the powers to act as a tough cop on the beat.

Business, consumers and experts agreed the current system is just not working.

“We need to send Turnbull and the LNP a message that their second-rate NBN is not good enough,” Mr Jones said

“Turnbull must swallow his pride, admit he got it wrong and ensure reforms are put in place to address these issues, today.”