It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to show some humility, accept the vast bulk of expert and consumer opinion and act to fix his failing second-rate copper NBN.

People don’t want another lecture from this Prime Minister about why their phone and internet services don’t work. They want answers and they want solutions.

Regional Australia has been left to bear the brunt of Turnbull’s poor technology choices, dysfunctional market arrangements and last-century consumer framework.

The verdict from businesses and consumers across regional Australia has been crystal clear. People are fed up with the excuses, with the spin and lack of action from this Government.

It’s time the Prime Minister swallowed his pride and put forward some solutions.

Even NBN Co, itself, is moving to introduce more fibre into the network. Bill Morrow is working hard to distance the NBN from this unfolding crisis – accepting that fibre is the best technology for the future and the need for future upgrades from the old copper network.

Labor is calling on Turnbull to immediately accept the recommendations of the Parliamentary NBN Committee - a unanimous verdict from Labor, One Nation, the Greens and crossbench – which has identified 23 hard-hitting recommendations to improve customer experience and get the NBN project back on track, including:

  • Direct NBN to put more fibre in the network
  • Update consumer and supplier rights to provide better protections, wholesale service-levels and remedies for service failures
  • Overhaul the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to make it a tough cop on the beat
  • Introduce new business-grade products specifically geared towards small business
  • Conduct an independent audit of the assumptions underpinning the financial forecasts contained in the 2018 NBN Corporate Plan.

Turnbull cannot continue to ignore the lived-experience of regional Australia. Regional Australians expect and deserve better.

Turnbull must accept his failings, show some humility and fix his failed NBN.