The Jones Report - 9 February 2018

When your Government has a plan for corporate tax cuts but not for wages -

This week the Reserve Bank Governor repeated calls for a pay-rise for Australian workers. Absent of a plan to address the problem, the Government reverted to the only trick in its book of “trickle-down economics”: a whopping $65 billion worth of tax cuts.

Mr Turnbull claims these will be passed on to workers. There is no evidence – anywhere – that this will happen.

There is good evidence that the benefit of this cut will go to overseas shareholders. There is also plenty of evidence that an unfunded tax cut will put more pressure on budgets for Medicare, education and infrastructure.

The Reserve Bank boss is right – without a pick-up in wages then demand and economic growth will flounder.

Parliament had its first sitting for the year. Amid the noise surrounding the Deputy Prime Minister's private life and the ongoing dual citizenship fervour, the 10th Anniversary Report on the campaign to Close the Gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians made very sorry reading. We are lagging behind in most of the areas identified and won’t meet the targets.

The report found “Closing the Gap – a 25 year program – was effectively abandoned after 5 years.” The Prime Minister will give his response to this report on Monday.

The Joyce saga

I don’t like Barnaby Joyce’s policies. I don’t much like the way he goes about politics either but it doesn’t mean I think we should use his personal life as political ammunition in a partisan battle. Enough said.

A very moving speech

My colleague Susan Lamb – the MP for Longman – gave a very moving speech in Parliament on Wednesday.

Susan has been hounded since Christmas over allegations that she is a dual British citizen. She wrote to the British High Commission before she nominated to run for Parliament asking them to rescind any citizenship.

They wrote back asking her to prove that she was a citizen by furnishing a copy of her parents' wedding certificate.

Her dad died 20 years ago and she has been estranged from her Mum since she was a child. What wasn’t clear until she told her story this week was why she didn’t just pick up the phone and ask for her mother’s help.

What we heard was the story of a six year old child who was dropped off at school by a parent who then disappeared, and hasn’t been part of her life since. While she bore her mother no malice, the pain in the heart of the six year old child was still very present, as Susan explained her story.

If this matter is referred to the High Court, they will have to determine if her actions were, in all circumstances, reasonable. I’m not in any doubt.

Supporting Our Great Matildas

Great to catch up with the Matildas this week in Parliament.



CUA Mutual Good Community Grants

CUA Mutual is inviting eligible community organisations to apply for grants towards overcoming identified issues based on consultation or input from the community.

Participating branches in this round of grants includes the Dapto Branch.

For more information, or to apply, visit

Applications close 2 March 2018.

Local Sporting Champions Grants


Round 3 of the Local Sporting Champions Grants close on 28 February 2018.

Eligible junior athletes are invited to apply for grants of up to $500 to support the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment at state, national and international championships.

For more information, visit my website at

A National Party That Just Doesn't Get Regional Inequality

Regional inequality is growing. In fact, no matter what measure you pick - wages, household income, life expectancy, healthcare or education - the gap between regional areas and our capital cities is increasing.

But what has the National Party done about this? Well, they have siphoned off critical regional funding to support their wealthy Liberal Ministers....


Shellharbour Civic Centre Community Open Day

Come along to the Shellharbour Civic Centre Community Open Day on Saturday, 10 February from 10am.

Activities include community tours, free rides, public art, food stalls and much more.

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