The Jones Report - 5 July 2019

Two big stories this week:

The Reserve Bank cut interest rates to a record low of 1% fearing an economy in the doldrums. Meanwhile, the Government stapled tax cuts for low and middle income earners to its high income tax cut package forcing the parliament to chose between all or nothing.

The package passed the Senate – it won’t be the last word on the matter.

Stage Three of the package will cost the budget $95 billion.

The Government refuses to spell out how these will be offset because the only answer is cuts to vital services, as has been done previously by this Government.

I spoke on the impact of the Government's plan, you can watch part of my speech to Parliament here

The first week of Parliament saw the swearing in of all new and returning members.

Everyone takes a different path on their way to being sworn in, and some incorporate some of their story into the ceremony.

I took an oath on a simple red bible gifted to me by Brother CV Bell who passed away last year.

He taught me, and thousands of boys, in high school and was one of the good ones. It’s a simple way of reflecting on where I’ve come from at the beginning of every parliament.

My good mate Ed Husic, was sworn in on the Koran belonging to Farid Ahmed, one of the survivors of the Christchurch massacre.

A proud moment early in the week for Labor, as I joined my colleagues Sharon Bird, Fiona Phillips and Mike Kelly on the opening day of Parliament.

On Wednesday I spoke at the Australian Banking Association launch of its new banking code of practice.

After the pummelling the finance sector received through the Royal Commission it is important that they show they have listened and are changing. My thoughts on the new rules and what they mean for customers here

Politicians often cop a grilling, whether it be in Question Time or from the media, but nothing compares to the questions thrown at you from visiting school groups.

Despite some curly questions, it was great to catch up with the students from Albion Park Public School during their visit to Canberra yesterday