The Jones Report - 6 April 2018

Government  backbenchers are jittery ahead of the release of the 30th newspoll.  It plans to be shocker for the Prime Minister. 

Particularly with a group of disgruntled ex PMs and backbenchers using this issue to wedge the PM on the issue of coal and coal fired power stations ahead of the poll result.  It’s hard to find a financier, an energy expert or a generator who is keen to build one – but this hasn’t stopped the ginger group appropriating the name of the war hero, General Monash for their cause.

With gas and electricity prices souring out of control energy is certain to be an issue in the federal election less than 12 months away.  For its part the government hasn’t been able to land a policy or a solution to the problem. 

This week, Labor is focussing on health and education in particular with this month's the Health Insurance premium increases, Labor has a plan to do something meaningful about restraining the increase in the cost of living through private health insurance premium increases.  Labor's plan is that for the first two years of a Labor Government, we won't allow premium prices to increase by more than two per cent per year, and in the meantime we will review the system to make sure we're putting downward pressure on the all-important health care costs in family budgets.


20th Anniversary of the Patrick’s dispute

20 years ago this week the Howard government conspired with Patricks Stevedoring to smash the MUA.  They failed and narrowly avoided prosecution in the Federal Court for what was widely considered an illegal conspiracy.  I was pleased to join with some of the veteran MUA members in Port Kembla today to remember this occasion.

Cuts to Bowral Hospital  

Bowral Hospital is set to lose $620,000 – it’s a small hospital in a growing area that can’t afford this treatment.


Spectrum Sale 

I’m also going into bat for local internet service providers who will lose access to their spectrum if the government proceeds with its plan to reallocate their spectrum in an auction later this year.  This will affect lots of small local businesses and residents in the Southern Highlands as well as throughout Regional Australia.


Oxley College Visits Parliament House

Great to have Oxley College visit Parliament House this week. 



Electorate Office Relocation

My electorate office has relocated to Stockland Shellharbour.  Our new contact details are Shop 244, Stockland Shellharbour via Lamerton Cres.  And our new phone number is (02) 4297 2285.


Shout out to Friday Cricket in Bowral

Shout out to the NSW and US women's cricket teams who will face off at Bradman Oval in Bowral, today.



CareWays Seniors Week Events

Shout out to CareWays and the great events planned for Seniors Week 2018.  Check it out at