The Jones Report - 27 April 2018

This week, Malcolm Turnbull’s Government ditched another policy that it said only a few weeks ago was essential to the country’s future. Their proposed increase to the Medicare levy was said to be necessary to fund the NDIS. Labor opposed this for two reasons - the first was a conviction that the Government’s claim was fundamentally dishonest. The NDIS had been funded; a proposition the Treasurer now concedes.

The second was an opposition to a tax increase on low and middle income earners that was coupled with a proposed tax cut for big business. This, we continue to argue, is fundamentally unfair.

This latest volte-face by the Prime Minister follows a familiar pattern - advance a half-baked proposition as an essential vision for the nation. Promote the thought plan with vaudevillian conviction. Condemn the opposition for not joining the farce. And finally, drop it like a soiled nappy when the going gets tough.

Whether it’s GST reform, healthcare, universities, climate change or any other area of policy, the Turnbull Government seems incapable of holding a single conviction for more than six months.



A humbling and moving experience to once again participate in this year's many Anzac Day services, ceremonies and events across the electorate.



WIRES Illawarra

I spent a morning with Rob, Lyn and Heather from WIRES Illawarra. WIRES are a great local organisation who suffered a setback when their native bird aviary was damaged by vandalism.

I wanted to show my support and get behind this great team who do so much for native wildlife across the Illawarra.



Celebrating Alison Woodham's 60 Years as a Justice of the Peace (JP)

A big congratulations to Alison Woodham from Uniting Elanora Shellharbour who, today, celebrated 60 years as a Justice of the Peace (JP).  It was wonderful to be with Alison, her family, residents and staff to acknowledge her tremendous commitment to the community.