Labor is calling on the Turnbull Government to bring forward nearly $18 million in Financial Assistance Grants for Tasmanian local councils to provide an economic boost for the region and help offset the effects of a three year indexation freeze for funding. 

Today, Labor’s Spokesperson for Local Government and Brian Mitchell MP, Member for Lyons will meet with Brighton and Sorrel local councils to discuss the impact of the freeze, and discuss future needs for the region.


The Turnbull Government – with the full support of the Nationals - have ripped nearly $1 billion from the hands of local government through a three year indexation freeze to grants funding.


This funding boost would help local councils invest in the local projects that support employment such as roads and community infrastructure projects, and provide local economies with a shot in the arm which will mean more local jobs and more investment.


In the face of ballooning inequality in Australia’s regions, councils need federal support to tackle inequality at the coal face of the community.


Local councils need the capacity to plan for the future and make strategic decisions about infrastructure and growing service priorities.


The Government’s cuts have meant local councils across Australia have been forced to reduce services and increase fees for important things like community care, library opening hours, waste transfer station operations, childcare and community kindergarten.


Lyons – regional inequality key facts:


  • There are almost three times as many jobless families in Lyons, than in Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate of Wentworth e.g. 6.9% in Woollahra, and 29% in Brighton
  • Rental stress is higher in Lyons e.g. 11.6% in Woollhara and 34.2% in Derwent Valley
  • More people in Lyons have delayed medical consultation because they could not afford it than in Wentworth 7.1% in Waverley, 18.5% Derwent Valley