In a frank admission that she has little knowledge of the backlog in Family Court matters that are piled up in the Illawarra, the Liberal Member for Gilmore Ann Sudmalis is telling people - if there really is a problem send me an email.


Speaking on ABC Illawarra radio this morning, Ms Sudmalis said that he had not seen a single email that asks her to approach the Attorney-General George Brandis for more judges.

This is an extraordinary admission, particularly since the backlog in cases and the delays in appointing judges after they retire is a problem entirely of the federal Governments own making.

Instead of running cover for the George Brandis, who has proven that he only does the right thing when he has exhausted every other option, Ms Sudmalis should join the community campaign to save our Family Court Services in the Illawarra.

It is not like it is a secret when judges retire.

An Act of federal Parliament says they must step down at the age of 70. So why are there delays of over 12 months in replacing judges? Why is the Court contemplating moving a judge from the Illawarra to service Sydney?

This is yet another example of the federal Liberal Party's Illawarra blind spot.

Let's take up the challenge issued by Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis and flood her office with emails telling her to lobby George Brandis about saving judicial services in the Illawarra.