Statements by members prime minister turnbull under pressure

After his five months in the job, Australians have had a pretty good opportunity to have a look at this Prime Minister. There is one thing they are surprised about: gone is the leather jacket of Q&A fame. 


Gone is the hipster, cool Malcolm, and now we have on display the Malcolm who will say one thing but then do the other. Whether it is climate change, marriage equality, the republic, or the ABC, he says one thing to win the affection of the Australian people, but when he is here and has the opportunity to do something he does the complete opposite. Who could forget the member for Wentworth standing in his party room and declaring, 'I will not lead a party that is not as committed to climate change, and taking realistic action on climate change, as I am.' Well, he has the opportunity, and it is quite clear that he is not leading a party—or maybe he is leading one—that is not as committed to action on climate change as he is. He has said one thing, and he is doing the complete opposite.

I remember listening to an impassioned speech in Federation Chamber from the member for Wentworth when I introduced my bill to have marriage equality in Australia. He said, 'If I were given a free vote on this issue I would vote in favour of it, because I am in favour of marriage equality.' That was 'leather coat' Malcolm Turnbull. What we have is Malcolm Turnbull who will say anything and do anything