Creating jobs is the cornerstone of this Labor budget (23/05/2011)

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Throsby) (Mon 23 May 2011, 19:17): I am pleased to be speaking in this important debate on the appropriation bills. This has been a difficult budget to frame because it has had to be framed in the context of a patchwork economy, where we are dealing with inflationary pressures. In some regions and sectors where investment is booming, the labour market is tight, while in other areas and sectors—like the retail sector and regional Australia—people are feeling the pinch. They are indeed doing it tough. Continue reading

Labor put jobs first during the GFC (23/05/2011)

A recent speech from Stephen Jones MP defending Labor's management of the economy during the global financial crisis and highlighting the Coalition's big spending record while in Government. Continue reading

First Words (30/10/2010)

The full text of Stephen Jones' first speech to Parliament, Tuesday 19 October 2010. Full speech: To download a PDF of this speech, click here. Continue reading