Passion, determination and Cadel Evans (22/09/2011)

I wish to associate myself and all the cycling enthusiasts in my electorate of Throsby with the statements of congratulations to Cadel Evans. Cadel was born in the Northern Territory town of Katherine. He later spent time growing up in northern New South Wales and in Victoria—so many Australian towns can claim a little bit of Cadel as a part of their history and culture. Continue reading

Australian Industry Participation Plan - Private Member's Business (19/09/2011)

Australia is going through unprecedented economic change. This change is driven by our place in the world and the demand for our natural resources. Despite what some say, our economic outlook is one of fundamental strength and resilience. The economic transformation of Asia is bringing tremendous benefits to this region. Our economy is strong. Our mining and resources sector is strong and revenue is flowing from this to both state and federal governments. Our terms of trade are high and the high Australian dollar means that everything from petrol, TVs, T-shirts and overseas holidays are cheaper than they have ever been before. Continue reading

If we do not act on Carbon our children will pay the price (14/09/2011)

Modern Australia was built on the efforts on men and women who were willing to make an investment in the future of this great country, men and women who had a vision beyond the present and men and women who thought about the future of this country and what it might look like for their children and beyond. Continue reading

USA Terrorist Attacks 2001 - Statements by Members (14/09/2011)

I rise here today to remember the atrocity when four planes were used in a terrible terrorist attack in several cities in the United States and to pay tribute to the victims. Collectively, we know these events as S11 or September 11 and they are forever etched in the consciousness of all Australians. Continue reading

NBN is an investment in Australia's digital future (14/09/2011)

I was a member of the Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications, which conducted this inquiry, together with my colleague the member for Chifley, who is in the chamber today. Can I start by expressing my thanks to my fellow committee members; the chair, the member for Cunningham; and secretariat staff, who not only did an excellent job in arranging the inquiry hearings and extensive field work that we did, providing us with excellent briefing documents, but also assisted in the compilation of this fantastic report. I am sure that I would speak on behalf of every committee member, even those who submitted a dissenting report, in saying that the support provided by the secretariat was nothing short of first-class. Continue reading

ABC Helicopter Crash (25/08/2011)

Before entering parliament I had the great honour to be a union official, the National Secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union. One of the best groups of members I ever got to represent were the employees of the ABC. They were without doubt some of the most intelligent, committed and talented people I ever represented in my industrial capacity. Continue reading

Fighting for Trio Capital Victims (27/07/2011)

Just this morning, the member for Cunningham and I sat in a room with a number of victims of the collapse of Trio Capital and, not for the first time, I heard some of the stories of personal devastation that lie behind this shocking event. Typical of what has happened was the story of Barbara, who worked as a machinist in King Gee in Bellambi—a suburb in the electorate of Cunningham—all her life and has now all but lost her house as well as her superannuation savings. Continue reading

Time to turn the spotlight on Spotless (31/05/2011)

An adjournment speech in support of the Clean Start campaign by retail cleaners to win bettter wages and working conditions at Spotless. ADJOURNMENT - Clean Start Campaign Mr STEPHEN JONES (Throsby) (Mon 29 May, 21:44): A few months ago I met with union members from United Voice, including workers employed as cleaners in my electorate of Throsby. Continue reading

Carbon farming opportunities for the rural sector (26/05/2011)

A speech on the Government's Carbon Farming Initiative by Stephen Jones MP. Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Bill 2011, Carbon Credits (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011, Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Bill 2011 - Second Reading. Continue reading

The workers who hold our community together (25/05/2011)

A statement to Federal Parliament from Stephen Jones MP, congratulating community sector workers on the ruling of Fair Work Australia on the Equal Pay Test case. Continue reading