Important reforms to international education (03/11/2011)

The Federal Government is pressing ahead with important reforms to the international education sector, says Stephen Jones MP. INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION is one of Australia's most important industries. It is our third-largest exporter earner, providing Australia with annual revenues of more than $16 billion. Continue reading

Sensible regulation for online games and mobile platform entertainment (02/11/2011)

The rapid growth of online gaming and mobile platforms requires sensible regulation from the Government, argues Stephen Jones MP. IN 1971 Messrs Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney launched the first commercial computer game onto the market, a game called Computer Space, shortly followed in 1972 by Pong on the Atari machine. They launched both a home and an arcade version of this game—a slot coin machine. They quickly became very, very popular and clones were thereafter introduced. Continue reading

Behind the Coalition mask on industrial relations (01/11/2011)

Stephen Jones argues that the Qantas lockout has provided a glimpse behind the Liberal Party mask on industrial relations - and the view ain't pretty. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS is on the public mind again. Continue reading

Another milestone on the path to health reform (01/11/2011)

Labor's landmark reforms to the Australian health system are beginning to take shape, says Stephen Jones MP. NEVER HAVE SO MANY ANGRY WORDS been said in support of a piece of legislation by those on the other side of the chamber. I am delighted to be speaking on this bill because it is a part of an important package of reforms that the Gillard Labor government has underway. Continue reading

Safer workplaces for more Australians (13/10/2011)

Prior to my election to this place I was a lawyer and a union official. As such, I had the responsibility of representing workers who were injured at work. I had the very grave duty of having to visit grieving families who were suffering after the death or terrible injury of a loved one. Continue reading

I am the great grandson of a boat person (23/09/2011)

I am the great grandson of a boat person and an illegal immigrant. He was a Swedish seaman who jumped ship in Albany in the 1890s to try his luck in the goldfields of Kalgoorlie. As matters happened he did not have much luck and he found his way east and worked on the wharves there for the remainder of his working life. Continue reading

Passion, determination and Cadel Evans (22/09/2011)

I wish to associate myself and all the cycling enthusiasts in my electorate of Throsby with the statements of congratulations to Cadel Evans. Cadel was born in the Northern Territory town of Katherine. He later spent time growing up in northern New South Wales and in Victoria—so many Australian towns can claim a little bit of Cadel as a part of their history and culture. Continue reading

Australian Industry Participation Plan - Private Member's Business (19/09/2011)

Australia is going through unprecedented economic change. This change is driven by our place in the world and the demand for our natural resources. Despite what some say, our economic outlook is one of fundamental strength and resilience. The economic transformation of Asia is bringing tremendous benefits to this region. Our economy is strong. Our mining and resources sector is strong and revenue is flowing from this to both state and federal governments. Our terms of trade are high and the high Australian dollar means that everything from petrol, TVs, T-shirts and overseas holidays are cheaper than they have ever been before. Continue reading

If we do not act on Carbon our children will pay the price (14/09/2011)

Modern Australia was built on the efforts on men and women who were willing to make an investment in the future of this great country, men and women who had a vision beyond the present and men and women who thought about the future of this country and what it might look like for their children and beyond. Continue reading

USA Terrorist Attacks 2001 - Statements by Members (14/09/2011)

I rise here today to remember the atrocity when four planes were used in a terrible terrorist attack in several cities in the United States and to pay tribute to the victims. Collectively, we know these events as S11 or September 11 and they are forever etched in the consciousness of all Australians. Continue reading