Let's Put Fred On Our Fiver

The Reserve Bank of Australia is undertaking a process to introduce Australia's next generation of banknotes.   Continue reading

Attorney General shouldn't ignore the illawarra

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia was established to provide a simple and accessible form of justice as an alternative to the federal and other superior courts and the Family Court to provide speedier access to justice particularly for people who live outside the capital cities.   Continue reading

hospitals are struggling thanks to the coalition

It is now well accepted, at least by all of those on this side of the House, that Australia, which was once known as country of the fair go, as the land where people could pull themselves up by their bootstraps, indifferent to the circumstances of their birth, with the support of the government and the great opportunities this country would bring to them, and make good of themselves.    Continue reading

Healthcare in Australia - Patients deserve better

You can gauge the priorities of a person and a government by the things they talk about and the places they visit. After five months this Prime Minister has told Australia where his priorities are and where they are not.   Continue reading

The Wollongong Courts Crisis Needs action

It is a sad fact that 41 per cent of contested family law matters involve domestic violence. Over 80 per cent of Federal Circuit Court matters involve family law matters.    Continue reading

speaking on the Food standards australia new zealand bill

The bill, when it was originally presented to this House in the last session of 2015, attracted for the most part the support of the Labor opposition.    Continue reading

The Illawarra deserves 21st century NBN

When you live in regional Australia, you understand the critical importance of the three things that make a difference between a good life—a life of happiness; and the alternative—a life of misery.    Continue reading

Ship Workers deserve rights too

There are some countries in the world where the citizens are not surprised to hear that in the middle of the night 30 security guards rush on board a ship, withdraw the workers who work on board the ship at one o'clock in the morning, send them down the gangway and then replace each and every one of those workers with a foreign worker working on a pittance.    Continue reading

Speaking out for building and construction workers

It is extraordinary, but not surprising, that the first serious piece of legislation that the government has chosen to bring before the House as we open the 2016 parliamentary year is this bill.    Continue reading

Remembering Dr John Charles Bannon

I believe it is important in this place that we pause and take time to acknowledge those who have made a tremendous contribution to our nation and our political movement, and I firmly believe that Hon. Dr John Charles Bannon AO was one such man.   Continue reading