Speaking on the business services wage assessment tool amendment bill

When this Business Services Wage Assessment Tool Payment Scheme Amendment Bill 2016 came before the parliament I was keen to speak on it.    Continue reading

households and businesses need labor's nbn

I am pleased to be speaking on the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Access Regime and NBN Companies) Bill 2015.    Continue reading

Marriage Equality, it's time

I applaud the persistence of the member for Leichhardt, who has been an advocate on this matter inside his party room and inside the parliament for many years.   Continue reading

Labor is there for shipping workers

This morning I listened with interest when the member for Dawson introduced his amendment to Protection of Australian Flags (Desecration of the Flag) Bill 2003.   Continue reading

Standing Up For Shipping Jobs

In the history of our federation there has never been an Australian government so determined to fly fewer Australian flags.    Continue reading

Turnbull Government In Chaos

It is six months since the Prime Minister stood 150 metres from this place in a press conference and promised Australia new politics, and condemned his predecessor because he said he could not tell an economic story for this country.    Continue reading

Making Medicinal Cannabis A Reality

I am pleased to be speaking to the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill 2016, which will make a medicinal cannabis licensing scheme legal in Australia.   Continue reading

The Government's Spending Priorities Are All Wrong

It takes restraint to focus on the appropriations matter after listening to a speech from the member for Tangney, but I will do exactly that.   Continue reading

Let's Close The Gap

My electorate is on the land of the Dharawal and Gundungarra peoples and this parliament rises magnificently upon the lands of the Ngunawal people.   Continue reading

Let's Put Fred On Our Fiver

The Reserve Bank of Australia is undertaking a process to introduce Australia's next generation of banknotes.   Continue reading