Labor's Plan For Steel

I am pleased to say that a Shorten Labor government will have a plan for the steel industry. It is the only party in this place that will have one. It is a tough plan—a plan that has faith in the future of this industry.   Continue reading

A Two Day working week wasted

Today, people right around Australia are shaking their heads in bewilderment because the Prime Minister who wants to cut penalty rates has brought 150 parliamentarians into Canberra for a two-day working week.   Continue reading

Maritime Security Matters

It is my pleasure to be speaking on this bill, the Transport Security Amendment (Serious or Organised Crime) Bill 2016, that amends the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004, hereafter referred to as the aviation act, and the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003, hereafter referred to as the maritime act.    Continue reading

Speaking Out Against the Coalition's Super Changes

It is a great pleasure to speak after the member for Lilley on this matter.    Continue reading

Matter of Public Interst - Fighting for Medicare

In a few short weeks time the Australian people are going to be sent to an early election.    Continue reading

A New approach to illicit drugs policy

I’m pleased to be speaking at a gathering of the Parliamentarians for Drug Law Reform. This is a non-partisan cause of which I am very happy to associate myself.   Continue reading

labor understands that Australians deserve better broadband

When it comes to the National Broadband Network this government has systematically misled the Australian people.    Continue reading

Turnbull Isn't delivering on nbn

In considering the detail of the amendments and the bill before the House, it is important that we understand the history of the process that has led to this bill being before the House today.    Continue reading

Labor has a plan to make taxes fairer

It is a great pleasure to be speaking on the Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2016 Measures No. 1) Bill 2016, which concerns taxation and superannuation laws amendments.   Continue reading

Who is malcolm turnbull?

There is a good chance that we have no more than five sitting days before the Prime Minister pulls the pin and calls a double dissolution election.   Continue reading