A billion cut by Turnbull from Victorian Local Government

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Whitlam) (13:39): As we speak, citizens in the great state of Victoria are in the process of deciding who will form the councillors and mayors of the local governments throughout the state. It is an important job everywhere, but it is particularly important in Victoria, where the local councils perform so many of the functions that are performed by state governments and community organisations in other states around Australia—functions like running libraries, early childhood learning, childcare, and home and community care programs, just to name a few. Continue reading


Mr STEPHEN JONES (Whitlam) (15:31): In question time today we saw the Prime Minister, in his amateur theatrical mode, make a huge song and dance about the government's great successes in rolling out the National Broadband Network. Well, right around the country you could hear people switching off their television sets, because there is a huge gap between what the Prime Minister thinks is reality when it comes to the rollout of the NBN and the lived reality of people in their homes right around the country.     Continue reading

Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2016-2017

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Whitlam) (17:25): I rise to speak on Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2016-2017 and related bills. What an honour it is, if somewhat intimidating, to follow the member for Moreton in this important debate. His oratorical and poetical skills are famous throughout this place. Sometimes they get beyond him, but we are never left in any doubt about what he believes in and what he thinks of the legislation before the House, which is now a set of appropriation bills—a package of bills which are required to fund the normal ongoing business of government. Continue reading

Dapto Dogs

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Whitlam) (10:33): The Dapto dogs are an icon of the Illawarra—in fact, not just of the Illawarra, because, wherever I go throughout New South Wales, Australia and even the world, when I people where I am from they go, 'Ah, the Dapto dogs.' There has been racing continuously in the Illawarra since 1937, but the New South Wales Premier is attempting to criminalise this sport. If he gets his way, the Dapto dogs will cease to operate in July next year. He says he has no choice. He says he is operating on the recommendations of the commissioner he appointed to investigate the sport. That is simply not true. If you look at the report, the report by former Justice Michael McHugh AC QC, you will see it provides the New South Wales government with not one but two courses of action. Continue reading

Speaking to the australian local government association

It's great to be meeting with you here in Canberra. I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Ngunnawal people, their elders past and present.   Continue reading

The Liberals are only interested in protecting the big end of town

Before the last election there was only one member for Banks, and he sits right there. But after the election there were at least 75 members for banks. Continue reading


This is my first opportunity in this place to thank the people of Whitlam, who have generously returned me to this Parliament for the third time.   Continue reading


I welcome the opportunity to speak on this important matter, the matter of providing mobile phone communications to people throughout Australia no matter where they live. Continue reading


For the eight long, excruciating weeks of the federal election campaign the daily mantra of the Coalition representatives was “jobs and growth” and “protect our borders”.   Continue reading


Labor has a plan to meet the challenges facing remote, rural and regional health.   Continue reading