My Health Records Amendment

The My Health Records Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018 is a government bill and I'm going to speak in favour of it, unlike many of the members of the government who contributed to this debate earlier. Continue reading


The Turnbull government's management of Centrelink is an absolute debacle. There have been staff cuts; wait times are up and processing of claims are being delayed. Continue reading

Revitalising Australian Shipping

I support the second reading amendment moved by the member for Grayndler—I do—but, frankly, I'm calling on the government to withdraw the Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) Amendment Bill 2017. I'm calling on the government to withdraw this bill, because it's bad for jobs, it's bad for my electorate and, I believe, it's bad for the country. Continue reading


I acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of this place. I also thank Graheme Lynch and Comms Day – the organisers of this conference Between 6AM and 8AM this morning some 3 million Australians checked their phones immediately after they woke up. Tonight around  two million Australians will check a phone within five minutes of going to sleep.  During the day, they expect their devices to move seamlessly from home to work and in public places, across platforms driven by speed, efficiency, reliability and cost of the data they are transferring. Continue reading

Age Pension

I want to take the opportunity to speak out on behalf of close to 100,000 aged pensioners in the Illawarra, the South Coast, the Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands areas in which I live, represent and am fighting for. Since May 2014 they have been victims of quite a silent but effective war on their livelihoods by this government. The attacks, indirect, on their livelihoods and wellbeing—freezing Medicare rebates, cutting hospital spending and attacks on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme—are bad enough. Continue reading


I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, Ngunawal people, their elders past and present.  I would also like to acknowledge and welcome other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are attending this event and pay my respects to their elders, and I extend this acknowledgement and welcome to all community leaders and guests present today, young and old. I’d like to acknowledge and thank Mayor David O’Loughlin and the board of ALGA for the invitation to address you and for our ongoing dialogue. Continue reading

Warrawong Centrelink and Medicare

Well, in a Melbourne Cup field of dumb decisions, this government's decision to close the Warrawong office of Centrelink takes the cake. I'm pleased to be standing here today with the member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird, calling on the government to stop this dumb decision going ahead. Why is it a dumb decision? Because Warrawong and the surrounding suburbs have some of the highest rates of unemployment of any area within the Illawarra. Continue reading


I've got to say it would be downright un-Australian if every member of this parliament did not find themselves down at the Southern Highlands of New South Wales from 1 June right through 30 June to participate in Pie Time. It's Pie Time in the Southern Highlands. You're downright un-Australian if you don't get down there and have a pie. Continue reading


The Export Legislation Amendment (Live Stock) Bill 2018 is about export legislation, it is about the treatment of livestock and it is about the conditions upon which we as a civilised society allow farmers and businesses who are engaged in sheep husbandry to export those animals overseas.  I want to note at the outset that the way in which we treat our animals—animals that are within our care—is an insight into our own humanity. Continue reading


It's a pleasure to be speaking on the Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018 and related bills. I've got to say I thought this bill was going to be non-controversial, and then I walked in on the member for Hughes's contribution. He always finds the capacity to introduce one of his wars into whatever legislation is before the parliament. Continue reading