In a few weeks' time the pensioners in my electorate are going to get three envelopes. The first is going to be an envelope with a power bill in it. It's going to demonstrate that their power bill has gone up by about 20 per cent over the last 12 months—this from a government which promised to bring power prices down. In fact, wholesale prices have almost doubled on their watch.

The second envelope is going to be one from Centrelink. This is going to tell them that they are going to get a $14.10 cut to their fortnightly pension. Of course, if they are a couple pensioner, the price will be $21.20, nearly $550 over the course of a year. That might not be a lot to the Prime Minister, but it's a lot to the pensioners in my electorate.

The third envelope is going to be the one that is the most expensive of all. That is the envelope that is costing Australians $122 million, the envelope which shows how out of touch this Prime Minister and this government really are: the unnecessary and expensive envelope which will have a postal vote on same sex marriage.

We know that the power prices aren't going to get any better under this government, because they are hopelessly conflicted and have no plan. Prime Minister, instead of puffing yourself up at the press conference and telling us how strong you are, get strong on power prices. Do something to get your house in order so households are not suffering.