speaking on the Food standards australia new zealand bill

The bill, when it was originally presented to this House in the last session of 2015, attracted for the most part the support of the Labor opposition. 


There were a set of proposals that we found problematic. They were proposals to make some significant changes to the composition of the board of Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

The board's key decision-making body in FSANZ is charged with developing and implementing the food code, and Labor has consistently defended the balance of this board for over 15 years. It has a public health focus and its composition is finally balanced.

The amendments that we put at the time that the bill was originally introduced were refused in this House. Amendments in similar forms were put in the other place, and I am happy to advise the House that those amendments, identical to the ones that were refused in this place, were accepted in the Senate.

We thank the crossbenchers and eventually the government for accepting those amendments, and they enjoy the support of the opposition.