I am honoured to be appointed as Labor’s Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Financial Services.

I look forward to working alongside my colleagues Jim Chalmers, Katy Gallagher, Matt Thistlethwaite and Andrew Leigh as part of Anthony Albanese’s new Labor economic team.
Together, we will strive to ensure the economy is working for all Australians.
We will work to build Labor's economic policies and credentials, not just for the next election, but for the future under an Albanese-Labor Government. 

We need to work to fix the problems which have been largely ignored by the Morrison Liberal Government: Stagnant wages, weak consumption, underemployment, job insecurity.
As Shadow Minister for Financial Services I want to ensure the recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission are implemented, and the design and regulation of Australia’s $2.7 trillion superannuation sector is driven by member interests, not ideology.

Our financial services industry impacts every Australian household, whether it is through banking, superannuation or insurance.
We need to ensure these services are providing the best outcomes and meeting the needs of all Australians.

I also want to congratulate Jason Clare on his appointment as Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government.

I loved representing regional Australians during the my time in the position, and wish Jason the best in fighting for the best outcomes for parts of the country that have been neglected by the Liberals and Nationals for six years.
I also want to acknowledge my time working with Michelle Rowland as part of Labor’s Communications team, and wish her and Tim Watts the best going forward.
I am proud of the work we achieved in our time working together, and know that our opposition team will continue to keep the Morrison Government accountable to ensure Australians are connected regardless of where they live.