Senator Nash, Minister for Regional Development has been slammed in the Senate this afternoon over reports the NBN is delivering half the speeds in the regional town of Young than those being spruiked by the Member for Riverina, Michael McCormack.

Local residents have described the NBN service in the area as “rubbish”, and further expressed frustration over the Coalition politicising the roll out process.


Senator Nash was asked to explain the Government’s decision to proceed with copper, despite industry specialists declaring the Government would have saved a lot of money if they put politics aside and went with Labor’s original plan.


Shadow Minister for Regional Communications, Stephen Jones, has expressed frustration over the Government’s response to the community’s concerns, and accused Nash and McCormack of unfairly passing blame onto Retail Service Providers.


“The biggest factor affecting broadband’s speed and reliability in regional Australia is the Coalition’s use of outdated technology,” said Mr Jones.


“Government MPs are keen to blame everything else except for the major culprit – copper – because that’s the factor that they alone are responsible for.”


“Young isn’t the only town reporting the NBN is a dud – we’ve had similar issues raised with areas like Griffith, Narromine, Condobolin, Albury and Gundagai – just to name a few.”


Stephen Jones has also rejected Senator Nash’s claims that under Labor, the roll out of the NBN would have cost $30 billion more.


“The Government used to say their second rate NBN would only cost $29.5 billion, which later grew to $41 billion, and now $56 billion,” continued Mr Jones.


“Under Mr Turnbull, Australians are paying more and getting a dud.”