Shadow Minister for Regional Communications, Stephen Jones MP, and Senator for Queensland, Murray Watt, said that Michelle Landry was failing local businesses facing telecommunications disruptions and outages.

The Turnbull Government’s NBN has been plagued with problems of poor customer service, failed connections, and buck passing with local businesses forced to play NBN “ping-pong” as they are bounced between the network operator and their phone company.

Small businesses right across Australia are bearing the brunt of Malcolm Turnbull’s failed NBN rollout and it’s simply not good enough.

In many cases, people are experiencing weeks of delay and disruption which is costing business thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Businesses deserve more than the clichés they are getting from Michelle Landry, who says that “no change is without its challenges." The Turnbull Government has created this mess and walked away from its responsibility to deal with it. 

There are serious shortfalls occurring in Australia’s consumer regulatory framework with the introduction of the NBN.

We need strong local champions to go in to bat for local businesses and we need to ensure consumers and businesses are able get their problems fixed quickly. 

The Turnbull Government is too worried about covering up for some of its bad technology choices - switching from fibre to copper-based NBN - to focus on the desperate need of consumers to get their service problems sorted.

Residents and businesses just want these issue fixed. People are sick to death of the service disruptions, missed appointments and the NBN ping-pong.

Michelle Landry needs to stand up for local businesses and provide solutions not silly clichés.

Labor’s Stephen Jones and Murray Watt are inviting local businesses to attend a NBN Business Forum on Thursday, 5 October from 5.30pm at the Jockey Club, Reaney Street Rockhampton.

The forum will be held in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and will discuss the NBN rollout and regional communications in Central Queensland.