Put us back on the map Malcolm

IMG_1644.JPGFederal Members, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, have today demanded explanation from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the disappearance of whole suburbs from the NBN Co website.

It appears that the company’s website, which used to show suburbs where construction would commence within twelve months or three years, has been updated to only show suburbs that have an existing construction contract. 

“Whole suburbs that have been anticipating the rollout commencing to bring the fibre to their home will be shocked to discover today that they have been taken completely off the map. We have spent the last two years working with our local community to develop new models of businesses and service delivery to help with the transformation of our region and now we are in complete limbo thanks to the Abbott Government – it is even worse than we feared in the election campaign.” Ms Bird said.

Stephen Jones says he is outraged that thousands of homes and businesses that he had pushed hard to be added to the rollout timetable are now being left in limbo.

“The strongest message we received about the NBN during the election campaign was that people wanted to know when it was coming to their home or business, they campaigned and petitioned because it was so important to them and now Tony Abbott has switched them off – it is a complete betrayal of our area.”

“I know right now the people of Dapto are confused – and they have every right to be.”

“They are seeing the NBN trucks outside their windows laying fibre, ready to be connected without any indication of what the new Government is planning on doing about this critical project.”

Suburbs which were previously on the map but which now have no indication of their status include:

Woonona, Russell Vale,Corrimal, Bellambi, Tarrawanna,Fairy Meadow, Fernhill,Towradgi, Balgownie

Kembla Grange, Wongawilli,Horsley, Marshall Mount, Penrose, Dapto, Wollongong, West Wollongong,Mangerton, Mount Keira, Keiraville,Gwynneville, Mount Saint Thomas, Coniston

“This is nearly 29,000 households and businesses affected and they deserve answers from Malcolm Turnbull as to when they will be back on the map,” Ms Bird and Mr Jones concluded.

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  • commented 2013-10-30 19:44:08 +1100
    Was in the Dapto Woolworths earlier this month and was trying to pay by EFTPOS. The credit card was not accepted, even though there was plenty of funds (yes, I checked via my mobile phone). I could not get cash out at another ATM because it does not have a PIN, it is signature-only, and because the grocery bill was over $200, the EFTPOS system would not accept the transaction without electronic confirmation from the bank: Alas, the EFTPOS dedicated telephone lines had gone down. Two wonderfully patient staff and I spent a long time trying to do remember how to do a /manual/ credit card transaction (and failed), so the only choices we had left for me were to abandon my groceries or to wait until such time as the phone lines recovered. Eventually they did, and after a very awkward 45 minutes, I could finally purchase my groceries and be on my way.

    What had happened between me entering the mall and me trying to pay?

    It had bucketted rain after a long dry spell.

    Optical fibre is not effected by getting wet, but anyone who has an old phone line knows what troubles happen when it rains – and the old copper in the ground isn’t going to get any better.

    This decision is going to impact business just as much as its going to impact domestic users, perhaps even more. It is just plain unacceptable in this day and age to have the telecommunication systems we rely on more and more go down just because it got wet outside.

    I wonder just how much this decision is going to effect the economy of this region?
  • commented 2013-10-30 18:39:40 +1100
    A Labor-voting electorate, no doubt? And if not, then you got what you voted for.
  • commented 2013-10-30 16:09:20 +1100
    this is vandalism