Protect the Coral Sea

Tony Abbott says he doesn't think the Coral Sea should be protected. If he gets in he's promising to scrap marine parks and let the Super Trawler back in.

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We as “civilised” persons are expected to protect our seas, our shores, our wildlife and everything God has given us to protect.
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Sign the petition: Protect the Coral Sea
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What are you people doing??? There is no bringing it back once you destroy it, Please do not destroy our marine parks and our Coral Reef. Save something for our children…
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The Coral Sea is a vital ecosystem that must be preserved, not only for enjoyment and managed fishing but for the future of the entire marine ecosystem. The mangroves and estuaries along the coast are vital for the replenishment of marine life and food for ourselves. Because it is relatively invisible it can be decimated before we know it. It would be akin to slow suicide to fail to protect such a fragile part of our environment.
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There are voter’s to whom the environment is important.
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Stephen Jones MP
Stephen Jones MP For Throsby