Petition the Board

Join Labor's fight for Steel.

Labor has been focussed and united on the campaign to save our steel. The Bluescope workers have done their fair share, now its up to the board to Save Our Steelworks.

While it's clear the NSW and Australian Governments are sitting on sticking their head in the sand, it's time for action.

Join the campaign and sign this petition to the Bluescope Board.

Dear Mr O'Malley and the Bluescope Board.

We call on you to do your fair share and commit to ongoing production of steel at Port Kembla.

Over the decades the people of the Illawarra have literally shed blood, sweat and tears in making steel at Port Kembla. The steelworks are at the heart of our community, economy, culture, history - and future. It's part of who we are.

The workers at Port Kembla have done their fair share and agreed to substantial cuts to the workforce and a pay freeze.

It's now time for you to step up, and commit to ongoing steelmaking at Port Kembla.

We won't give up without a fight and we call on you to keep fighting for steel too.

Will you sign?