Acting on climate change now for future generations (30/09/2011)

Greg Combet speaks about acting on climate change , the subject of this year's John  Button Memorial Lecture. JOHN BUTTON was a politician and Minister renowned for making hard decisions. More than that, he was a reformer and a visionary. Continue reading

A helping hand, the Fair Go and the value of self reliance (28/09/2011)

Former Labor Minister Tom Uren talks very movingly about Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop, the surgeon who commanded the first Australians sent to work on the Thai section of the Burma-Thailand railway in 1943, Tanya Pliberkek writes. TOM SAYS that when he and Dunlop were prisoners of the Japanese, Dunlop led by example. Continue reading

Super reforms for a secure future (21/09/2011)

The Federal Labor Government's reforms to superannuation will help make Australia a better country to live - and retire in - writes Assistant Secretary Bill Shorten. TWENTY YEARS AGO the Keating Labor government introduced one of the great economic reforms: 9 per cent superannuation for every worker.It is an idea that keeps on giving. By putting some money into superannuation we build up our capacity to have lifetime income security; comfort and financial wellbeing after working life, not just during it. Continue reading

Steelworkers, we will not abandon you (23/08/2011)

Alongside coal, steelmaking has dominated the Illawarra economy for the better part of a century. The industrial landscape of Port Kembla continues to define the lives of the people that work and live in its shadow, the people that I represent in the federal electorate of Throsby.  When I left high school in the early eighties, the Steelers NRL team was still running around in the top flight (before merging with St George), and many of my mates took up apprenticeships with the company that sponsored the famous scarlet jersey, BHP Steel. Continue reading

Positive plan for teenage parents

There can be no doubt that becoming a parent for the first time changes your life forever, delivering huge responsibilities and incredible rewards. But it can be very tough, especially the first time. It’s particularly tough if your first child is born while you’re still in high school. Continue reading

Queensland Flood Emergency and Recovery (14/01/2011)

A message from the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, concerning the Queensland Flood Emergency and Recovery. --IT HAS BEEN brought to the attention of the Attorney-General’s Office that some Electorate Offices have received a hoax email, claiming the Commonwealth Government is only providing $1 million in assistance to help victims of the Queensland floods crisis. Continue reading

Climate challenge back on track after Cancun (20/12/2010)

Mark Dreyfus, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, argues that international efforts to tackle climate change are back on track following the recent UN conference in Cancun, Mexico. -- THE 194 COUNTRIES represented at Cancun accept the science of climate change and the urgent need for action. The international struggle to deal with climate change is back on track. Continue reading

Why Do People Become Politicians? (26/10/2010)

In this opinion piece originally published in the Illawarra Mercury, Nick Hartgerink poses the question while considering the future prospects of Stephen Jones. -- WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would choose a career that keeps them away from their families for weeks on end, robs them of their privacy, makes their pay and retirement packages public knowledge and from which they can be sacked by a fickle public? Continue reading

The Choice For Australia (20/08/2010)

Julia Gillard addresses the National Press Club, Canberra. -- THANK YOU ALL very much. I’m delighted to be here to explain my positive economic plan and my vision for Australia. Continue reading

Only Labor Has Delivered For Seniors (05/08/2010)

Older Australians have made our nation strong and prosperous, and deserve to be supported in their retirement, writes Jenny Macklin.  -- A GILLARD LABOR GOVERNMENT is committed to a strong and secure economy so we can provide services to the community such as world-class hospitals and aged care facilities. Continue reading