Land Of Hope And Dreams - The John Button Lecture (03/08/2012)

Wayne Swan presents the John Button Lecture   One of the aspects of my job I enjoy most is speaking to different parts of our community about so many different facets of our economy.  In roughly eight years in the Treasury portfolio I've made hundreds of speeches on economic topics, which is of course no great surprise particularly given the white-knuckle ride the global economy has been through in recent times. Continue reading

"Not A Brand, A Cause" - Prime Minister Gillard Addresses NSW ALP Conference 2012 (16/07/2012)

Delegates, our party members are our greatest resource.  So after the last Federal election, I had no doubt at all - we had to reform our Party for our members.  When we met here last July, you were ready for renewal, ready to rebuild. At our National Conference last year we made important progress by embracing a new recruiting target and making the big decision to trial community primaries.  Continue reading

New Poll Confirms Overwhelming Support For Marine Reserves (12/07/2012)

A report from Essential Media from the week ending June 27 has confirmed overwhelming support in the Australian community for the Labor Government's recently announced Federal marine reserves. Continue reading

Minister For Immigration, The Hon Chris Bowen On Asylum Legislation (02/07/2012)

CHRIS BOWEN: Deputy Speaker, the Australian people are watching this Parliament.  The Australian people are asking the question: will this Parliament put aside partisan, political divide to save lives? This Parliament should, today, say yes. We will put aside politics of the ordinary days, we will put aside partisan point scoring and we will act to save lives. Deputy Speaker – [The Member for Higgins interjecting] Continue reading

Statement On Refugee Policy (27/06/2012)

This morning, while a group of backbenchers met to discuss the current policy impasse on asylum seekers, another boat capsized off the coast of Christmas Island; Nothing symbolises the impotence of this place more than the juxtaposition of these two events; Nothing could symbolise our authority more than if we act to put the common good first.   Continue reading

Minister For Energy Efficiency Forecasts Forecasts Strong Economic Growth For Local Coal Industry (26/06/2012)

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Throsby) (14:43): My question is to the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and Minister for Industry and Innovation. Minister, with the carbon price due to start in six days time, what are the future investment prospects for the coal industry, particularly in the Illawarra region, and how does this demonstrate that resource companies' investment decisions are being guided by facts not fear? Continue reading

Marriage Equality (25/06/12)

At the end of 2011, the Australian Labor Party voted to change its policy to allow for equal access to marriage for all adult couples, irrespective of sex, who have a mutual commitment to a shared life.  The ALP also voted to allow a conscience vote on any legislation to give effect to this. Continue reading

Support For Independent Regulation Of Our Live Exports (25/06/2012)

I understand the concerns of the community on the issue of live exports and have raised it with the Minister. The Australian Government supports the export of livestock where acceptable animal welfare conditions are maintained. It was clear that the live trade could not be trusted to safeguard the animals they sell. The only way to secure a future for Australia’s livestock export trade is to ensure animals are being treated in line with international welfare standards. The Labor Government has delivered once-in-a-generation reform to the industry. Continue reading

Protecting Our Marine Parks - It's Just Good Housekeeping (22/05/2012)

The Sea Change Comes to Canberra: An address by Tim Winton to Parliamentarians in the Mural Hall, Parliament House, Canberra, 9 May, 2012 Think of your happiest moments, your most vivid memories. A holiday. Summer. It’s always summer, isn’t it? Mum and Dad. Maybe a caravan, a tent, a beach shack. Maybe a fire on the beach, a kero tin full of crabs or prawns. Sunburn against the sheets. That boy or girl in the next tent you’re trying to crack onto. The games of beach cricket. I’m sure you all have variations on these sorts of memories. Continue reading

Minister For Health Supports Better Dental Treatment For Illawarra (10/05/2012)

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Throsby) (14:59): My question is to the Minister for Health. Would the minister inform the House of the government's plan to improve frontline services, like dental health, under the budget? Ms PLIBERSEK (Sydney—Minister for Health) (14:59): Madam Deputy Speaker, I would like to compliment you on the job that you are doing under very difficult circumstances. I thank the member for Throsby for his question. When I was down visiting him recently— Continue reading