Australian Government formally establishes Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (14/01/2013)

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces terms of reference for Royal Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. On my advice, today the Governor-General has appointed a six‑member Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Child sexual abuse is an evil crime. Anyone who has ever suffered child abuse deserves to have their voices heard and their claims investigated. The Royal Commission will inquire into how institutions with a responsibility for children have managed and responded to allegations and instances of child sexual abuse and related matters.  Continue reading

Prime Minister Gillard Introduces Australian Education Bill Into Parliament (28/11/2012)

Find out more about Labor's plan for Better Schools   The Prime Minister Introduces the Australian Education Bill: Speaker, the Bill before the House today gives this 43rd Parliament an opportunity none of our predecessors have fully shared. We can enshrine in law our nation’s expectations for our children’s achievements at school. We can enact in law a plan, not only to teach them well, but to fund them well. This Bill is the Government’s plan for the future of Australian education – our National Plan for School Improvement. Speaker, five specific new legislative measures form the centre of this Australian Education Bill. Continue reading

Parliament Stands Behind White Ribbon Day (26/11/2012)

Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaking at the White Ribbon Day Event, Parliament House - 26 November 2012 A little over 20 years ago, three men in Toronto, Canada, decided to act. Responding to the senseless massacre of 14 female university students, Jack Layton, Ron Sluser and Michael Kaufman established a campaign that has gone on to become an international force for good. Continue reading

A Royal Commission Into Child Abuse And System Cover Up (12/11/2012)

I believe the federal Government  should set up a Royal Commission into systemic Child Abuse, and cover up by churches and others.  I don’t rush quickly to the call for Royal Commissions.  They have great investigative powers which, when combined with the constant scrutiny of the mass media, can alter the course of public opinion and personal reputation well in advance of any findings and recommendations being recorded.  I believe they should only be used where it is clear that policing and judicial determination have failed.  It appears that this is such a case.  Continue reading

Energy White Paper Launch By Minister For Resources And Energy The Hon Martin Ferguson (08/11/2012)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for coming and thank you to our hosts CEDA. Today I will launch an important document for Australia’s future, and for the future of our region as a whole—the Energy White Paper. It has been almost a year since I launched the draft Energy White Paper. This follows an extensive process of public consultation, including public forums in every capital city and consideration of almost 300 written submissions. I would like to thank all of those individuals, businesses, organisations and government agencies who contributed to this process.   Continue reading

Minister For Broadband, The Hon Stephen Conroy At The RDA Regional Leaders Summit (08/11/2012)

Good morning * Premier Barry O’Farrell * Greg Pearce, Minister for Finance and Services and Minister for the Illawarra *Our hosts, Judy Raper, Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Wollongong, and Eddy deGabrielle, Chair, RDA Illawarra * Gordon Bradbery, Lord Mayor, City of Wollongong (Ind) * Brian Petchsler, Mayor of Kiama (Ind) * Federal and state members of Parliament * Ladies and gentlemen It is pleasure to be here. Continue reading

Marriage Amendment Bill - Speech By Senator Penny Wong (19/09/2012)

This is an important debate for Australia. It is an important debate for this Parliament. Because the issue at the heart of this debate is fundamental to who we are and what we believe. This is a debate about the principle of equality. The aspiration and struggle for equality has been a constant in our history. Australia hasn’t always been an equal society, but ultimately we always move in the direction of greater equality. And we should not forget that it is a progression that is greater than any one vote. Continue reading

Today's Vote On Marriage Equality - The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP (19/09/2012)

Today the House of Representatives voted on Stephen Jones’ private member’s bill on marriage equality. 42 Members of the House of Representatives voted to support marriage equality for all Australians and I was proud to be one of them. Continue reading

"A Life In Public Service" - Prime Minister Gillard At CPSU National Conference (28/08/2012)

The hundreds of workplace leaders who’ve gathered here tonight from around the country and to the work you’re doing to grow in numbers and strength and ideas. Yours is the model of a modern labour union. Committed to the oldest union principles. Sharing, sticking together, the strong in the workplace protecting the weak. Organising always, working with the employer when you can, fighting when you must. And committed to the future of unionism too. Continue reading

Asylum Seeker Policy Imperative Is Protection And Safe Haven (15/08/2012)

A few months ago, while a group of Parliamentarians got together in Canberra to discuss the then policy impasse on asylum seekers, another boat capsized off the coast of Christmas Island.  While politicians argued back and forth, people were drowning – and the nation shook its head in disgust.  Continue reading