the medicare freeze will create a 'healthcare siberia' in rural australia

This sounds like the leader for a B-Grade horror flick, but it's not.    Continue reading

The Moneyball Approach to Clobbering Drug Abuse

In the 1990s, the general manager of a modest-sized professional baseball team based in Oakland decided that he needed to do things differently.    Continue reading

ice treatment cuts hurting north east victoria

North East Victoria is feeling the effects of illicit drugs, especially ice.   Continue reading


In Geelong and surrounding areas communities are feeling the effects of illicit drug use, including ice. Services just can’t keep up with demand.   Continue reading

treatment services lacking on the gold coast

The Gold Coast is feeling the effects of illicit drugs like ice. A substantial number of new patients entering rehabilitation are using this dangerous drug. Unfortunately for them and those trying to help them, available treatment services just can’t keep up.  The Continue reading

How to save the Australian steel industry without tariffs or subsidies

The Port Kembla steelworks and industrial workforce have shaped the character and folklore of the Illawarra.   Continue reading

Why Marriage Equality Matters

When I put a private member’s bill on marriage equality before the Parliament in 2012 just 42 votes were recorded in favour.   Continue reading


We need a rethink about how we tackle illicit drug use. Around Australia the National Ice Taskforce has heard the same thing - handcuffs and paddy wagons aren’t the only answer. Instead, we need the criminal justice and health systems to work hand in hand.   Continue reading

Taking A Good Look At Mental Health In The Bush

Mount Isa is a sprawling mining town of some 22,000 people in remote, outback Queensland with a large fly-in fly-out workforce, low levels of schooling and a reputation for hard work. Access to many of the primary mental health care and community mental health care services is complicated and poorly integrated. Resources are stretched.   Continue reading

How To Defeat The Ice Epidemic In The Bush

Rural and regional Australia has a crystal methamphetamine problem.   Continue reading