Labor is calling on NBN to stop the delay and work constructively with Lismore City Council, business and residents on the Lismore CBD rollout.

Lismore City Council has, for months, sought vital information from NBN about its planned rollout and how Council and NBN can work together to ensure the best outcomes for the local community.

Council has done the right thing. It’s identified opportunities to work with NBN to offer positive improvements to the project, reduce costs and minimise disruption to business. That’s exactly what you want to see from local Councils. 

Council has also proposed working with NBN on additional fibre-to-the-premises upgrades to Lismore’s CBD but has been left in limbo due to the lack of information and clarity from NBN.

The NBN cannot continue to drag its feet on this issue. It’s having a real impact on the community and it’s simply, not good enough.

This is a great example of local government working proactively to seize opportunities. Council recognises the importance of reliable, high-speed broadband for the region’s future economic growth and development.

We know fibre is the best technology for the future and Council agrees. They want to see this project rolled out with the best outcomes for local business and residents and to reduce costs and disruption. 

Council, business and the community cannot continue to be left in the dark. It’s time NBN work with Council on this issue to see matters progressed without further delays.