Labor’s spokesperson on Regional Communications, Stephen Jones MP, today labelled Communications Minister Mitch Fifield a dud when it comes to delivering media reform.

“Despite Minister Fifield proclaiming the importance of the Media Reform Bill, he has failed to deliver on any part of it.

“Labor has repeatedly indicated its support for the removal of the 75 per cent reach rule, which stops a person being in a position to exercise control of commercial television broadcasting licences whose combined licence area population exceeds 75 per cent of the population, but the Minister has not even bothered to pick up the phone to speak to Labor about it.

“It’s no wonder media commentators have labelled him “the most ineffective politician in the land” and “the Homer Simpson of the Turnbull government.”

“Any Minister committed to reform would seize the opportunity offered to get this measure through the Parliament.

“Instead, Minister Fifield’s lack of legislative and political competence means that the much needed reform affecting regional media has been put in the too hard basket by the Coalition, yet again.

“There have been two Senate Inquiries on this matter this year and in both cases, the abolition of the 75 per cent reach rule has received unqualified support.

“Labor would have got this deal done by now. Instead Minister Fifield prefers to sit back and blame everyone else for his own failures.

“Media companies are facing some serious challenges and they are entitled to feel let down by this Minister who has so comprehensively failed them,” Mr Jones said.