Minister for Regional Development, John McVeigh, has admitted that after nine months of dithering and delay, the Coalition is no closer to releasing guidelines for the $272 million Regional Growth Fund.

They have had three Ministers for Regional Development but no funded projects.

With over $500 million of government-funded regional projects delayed, the Coalition is more preoccupied with their internal divisions than regional communities.

They may talk a big talk on regional development but they don’t walk the walk.

The Regional Growth Fund was supposed to be the centrepiece of the Government’s plan for regional Australia.

They cannot continue to kick the can down the road. They cannot continue to plea for more time, time is up.

The Coalition needs to get its act together, the Nationals need to sort out their internal divisions and they need to start living up to their promises.

Regional Australia is fed up with this do-nothing Government that has run out of ideas and is running out of time.