Equal Pay Remains A Myth (10/06/2010)

Australian's who think that the fight for equal pay was won in the 1970's are due for a reality check, writes Narelle Clay AM. ON Thursday 10 June, thousands of people will hit the streets around Australia in the largest equal pay demonstration this country has seen since the 1970s. Equal pay? Wasn't that sorted out in the Seventies? Continue reading

Vision For Our Digital Future (20/05/2010)

In this opinion piece published in the Illawarra Mercury, Stephen Jones argues the case in support of the National Broadband Network. IN 1949, four years after the guns fell silent in Europe and the Pacific, Australia embarked on building a piece of economic infrastructure that became the largest engineering project in the nation's history. Continue reading

Let's Have A Real Contest of Ideas in Throsby (06/05/2010)

Following today’s announcement from the National Party, it appears likely that both Coalition partners will each stand separate candidates to run in Throsby at the next Federal Election. A competitive election that engages the local community is evidence of a healthy democracy, and I welcome that. Continue reading

Long Live Chicka's memory (01/04/2010)

Colin Markham pays tribute to Aboriginal activist and unionist Chicka Dixon. Charles "Chicka" Dixon died on March 20 in Sydney after battling asbestosis, a legacy of years working on the waterfront. Chicka was born in 1928 in NSW and lived at Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Mission and later at Wreck Bay. At the age of 14 Chicka got a job on the Port Kembla waterfront as a casual labourer. Continue reading

Rudd Government announces $632 million to train new doctors (15/03/2010)

The Rudd Government will invest $632 million to train a record number of doctors - to tackle doctor shortages, expand capacity and deliver better health and better hospitals. In total, the Rudd Government’s investments will deliver an additional 5,500 new or training General Practitioners, 680 medical specialists, and 5400 pre-vocational general practice program (PGPPP) training places over the next ten years. Continue reading