Fighting for Trio Capital Victims (27/07/2011)

Just this morning, the member for Cunningham and I sat in a room with a number of victims of the collapse of Trio Capital and, not for the first time, I heard some of the stories of personal devastation that lie behind this shocking event. Typical of what has happened was the story of Barbara, who worked as a machinist in King Gee in Bellambi—a suburb in the electorate of Cunningham—all her life and has now all but lost her house as well as her superannuation savings. Continue reading

Time to turn the spotlight on Spotless (31/05/2011)

An adjournment speech in support of the Clean Start campaign by retail cleaners to win bettter wages and working conditions at Spotless. ADJOURNMENT - Clean Start Campaign Mr STEPHEN JONES (Throsby) (Mon 29 May, 21:44): A few months ago I met with union members from United Voice, including workers employed as cleaners in my electorate of Throsby. Continue reading

Carbon farming opportunities for the rural sector (26/05/2011)

A speech on the Government's Carbon Farming Initiative by Stephen Jones MP. Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Bill 2011, Carbon Credits (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011, Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Bill 2011 - Second Reading. Continue reading

The workers who hold our community together (25/05/2011)

A statement to Federal Parliament from Stephen Jones MP, congratulating community sector workers on the ruling of Fair Work Australia on the Equal Pay Test case. Continue reading

Creating jobs is the cornerstone of this Labor budget (23/05/2011)

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Throsby) (Mon 23 May 2011, 19:17): I am pleased to be speaking in this important debate on the appropriation bills. This has been a difficult budget to frame because it has had to be framed in the context of a patchwork economy, where we are dealing with inflationary pressures. In some regions and sectors where investment is booming, the labour market is tight, while in other areas and sectors—like the retail sector and regional Australia—people are feeling the pinch. They are indeed doing it tough. Continue reading