Acting on climate change now for future generations (30/09/2011)

Greg Combet speaks about acting on climate change , the subject of this year's John  Button Memorial Lecture. JOHN BUTTON was a politician and Minister renowned for making hard decisions. More than that, he was a reformer and a visionary. Continue reading

A helping hand, the Fair Go and the value of self reliance (28/09/2011)

Former Labor Minister Tom Uren talks very movingly about Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop, the surgeon who commanded the first Australians sent to work on the Thai section of the Burma-Thailand railway in 1943, Tanya Pliberkek writes. TOM SAYS that when he and Dunlop were prisoners of the Japanese, Dunlop led by example. Continue reading

I am the great grandson of a boat person (23/09/2011)

I am the great grandson of a boat person and an illegal immigrant. He was a Swedish seaman who jumped ship in Albany in the 1890s to try his luck in the goldfields of Kalgoorlie. As matters happened he did not have much luck and he found his way east and worked on the wharves there for the remainder of his working life. Continue reading

Passion, determination and Cadel Evans (22/09/2011)

I wish to associate myself and all the cycling enthusiasts in my electorate of Throsby with the statements of congratulations to Cadel Evans. Cadel was born in the Northern Territory town of Katherine. He later spent time growing up in northern New South Wales and in Victoria—so many Australian towns can claim a little bit of Cadel as a part of their history and culture. Continue reading

Super reforms for a secure future (21/09/2011)

The Federal Labor Government's reforms to superannuation will help make Australia a better country to live - and retire in - writes Assistant Secretary Bill Shorten. TWENTY YEARS AGO the Keating Labor government introduced one of the great economic reforms: 9 per cent superannuation for every worker.It is an idea that keeps on giving. By putting some money into superannuation we build up our capacity to have lifetime income security; comfort and financial wellbeing after working life, not just during it. Continue reading