Behind the Coalition mask on industrial relations (01/11/2011)

Stephen Jones argues that the Qantas lockout has provided a glimpse behind the Liberal Party mask on industrial relations - and the view ain't pretty. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS is on the public mind again. Continue reading

Facing the future with confidence (21/10/2011)

Prime Minister Julia Gillard's speech to the Third Illawarra Regional Leaders' Summit, Wollongong. Continue reading

Labor will stand by the Illawarra (18/10/2011)

The Federal Labor Government is proud to stand by the Illawarra, writes Prime Minister Julia Gillard. THE ILLAWARRA is a great region that stands at a turning point in its proud history. The impact of Asia’s rise on manufacturing is being felt in regions right across the Western world, as well as here at home in places like the Illawarra, Adelaide and Geelong. At the same time, Australia is beginning one of its most important economic and environmental reforms as we position ourselves to compete in a world that will favour those nations that move to cleaner energy technologies. Continue reading

Safer workplaces for more Australians (13/10/2011)

Prior to my election to this place I was a lawyer and a union official. As such, I had the responsibility of representing workers who were injured at work. I had the very grave duty of having to visit grieving families who were suffering after the death or terrible injury of a loved one. Continue reading

Growing pains (13/10/2011)

The mining boom is not all good news, especially for other sectors of the economy such as manfacturing, writes CFMEU's Tony Maher. THE AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY is in danger of being torn apart by the resources boom. The high prices being paid for our minerals, the unprecedented foreign investment to dig up those minerals and the rising value of the dollar are already reshaping our economy.  This is only the beginning. Continue reading