Liberals Abandon ABC Nowra



The decision to close ABC Nowra and 4 other ABC Radio sites is a slap in the face for Regional Australia.

ABC Nowra employs 2 journalists that report on local stories affecting the Shoalhaven and Illawarra communities.

This is a fundamental breach of the Governments pre-election promise that there would be:

“no cuts to the ABC or SBS”

[Tony Abbott SBS, 6 September, 2013].

Immediately after the election, the Government initiated their plan for ABC budget cuts with the secret Lewis Review into Public Broadcasters. While refusing to release the report, the Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull has then announced $254 Million worth of cuts to the ABC leading to job cuts and station closures.

I can understand why the Minister who lives in the inner city of Sydney is less interested in stories from regional Australia but I’m perplexed by the inaction of the Coalition’s regional and rural MPs. They have failed to stick up for their communities.

Ann Sudmalis campaigned under a platform of no cuts to the ABC – now she is supporting a Government which is cutting the ABC station in her own electorate.

Watch the speech that calls out Ann Sudmalis as barracking for the fire and the firebrigade.