Labor’s Regional Communications Spokesperson, Stephen Jones, and Labor Candidate for Page, Patrick Deegan today announced that Labor will provide up to $2 million in essential funding to help fix mobile blackspots along the Summerland Way.

This is critical infrastructure that saves lives in an emergency and is central to the daily life of all local residents and businesses.

Summerland Way is an important road in Northern NSW, connecting the towns of Casino and Grafton. Fixing these black spots is a priority for the community.

“Labor believes that we must do more to help regional communities when it comes to mobile black spots, as this is vital infrastructure that people rely on,” Mr Jones said.

Labor Candidate for Page, Patrick Deegan said that the announcement would make a huge difference to the local community.

“Despite connecting the Grafton and Casino communities, locals are frustrated by the patchy and inadequate mobile reception along Summerland Way” said Mr Deegan.

“Mr. Morrison’s poor mobile coverage program impacts families and small businesses in our region.

“This lack of coverage is of particular concern for our older retirees who rely on these connections to stay in touch with family and friends.”

Stephen Jones said that Labor is strongly committed to improving regional connectivity and has long pledged to match the Coalition black spot program, dollar for dollar.

“Not only is Labor funding mobile services, we are also committed to improving the whole Mobile Black Spot Program to address many of the criticisms and issues identified by the ANAO, ACCC, Productivity Commission and State Governments.

“Federal Labor has a strong track record of investment in regional communications focused on community needs.

“This includes Labor’s once in a generation nation-building investment to improve regional communications for every Australian through the establishment of a National Broadband Network.

“In Government, Labor also invested in the $250 million Regional Backbone Blackspots Program (RBBP), which is providing the essential backhaul needed for mobile base stations,” Mr Jones said.