The NBN Forum hosted in Rockhampton last week seems to have lit a fire under the NBN as they rush to hold their own forum today.

Last week, Labor heard from multiple small businesses about how the shoddy rollout of Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN was costing them clients and income.

We heard from long term LNP voters who said the LNP had lost their vote over the NBN.

Central Queenslanders deserve real action on the NBN - NBN’s new NBN Local teams seem nothing more than a poor-attempt at a PR exercise.

There are very real problems with the NBN being rolled out under Malcolm Turnbull, particularly in regional areas.

Regional Australia is fed up with the spin, the NBN ping-pong and worthless advertising. People want answers and they want solutions.

Above all, they just want their broadband services to work.

Labor has written to NBN Chief Executive Officer, Bill Morrow, calling on him to provide further details on NBN Locals and how they will benefit local communities.

Australia can’t afford to keep spending billions on an NBN that is not delivering.