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photo_1.JPGAs Medicare celebrates its 30th birthday next month, local Federal Members Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones warn the affordable and accessible health care could now be under threat from the Abbott Government.

“We want to make sure that Medicare survives to see a 35th anniversary and that the historic Labor initiative is not abolished by stealth,” the MPs said.

Sign the petition to Save Medicare

Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones are encouraging people in the Illawarra to sign Labor’s Medicare petition, opposing the Abbott Government’s plan for patients to pay an upfront fee to see a doctor. 


“Many families are very concerned that the Government is planning to put a tax on going to the doctor.  It is important that all Australians can get the treatment they need, when they need it,” Sharon Bird said.

“Once the GP tax is introduced, we are concerned that this will open the floodgate for the Abbott Government to make increases annually, making it tough for families already struggling with the cost of living. 

The Abbott Government has already hit Australians hard, with the biggest increase to private health insurance premiums in a decade. 

“Labor is proud to be the party of Medicare – it was Labor who raised bulk-billing rates to their highest rates ever and it is Labor who will continue to protect Australia’s universal healthcare system,” Stephen Jones said. 

“I believe that all Australians deserve the healthcare they need, not the care they can afford”.

To sign the petition, or for more information visit the websites:

Sharon Bird:   

Stephen Jones:

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  • commented 2014-03-03 11:15:32 +1100
    To be more precise – the link titled “Sign the petition to Save Medicare” is linked to this very same page. I’m using Safari browser.
  • commented 2014-03-03 11:13:25 +1100
    Hi there, the link to the petition doesn’t seem to be working..
  • commented 2014-02-02 21:07:29 +1100
    Can’t believe what I am Reading! Our current government is planning to make changes to our Medicare system. A system created and put into place so that each and every person would receive medical treatment whether or not they could afford it. Shame, shame, Shame! Our hospital system is in a sad state of decay, already struggling with the high demand of providing treatment to those in need of their care and resources. Where did it all go so Wrong? Our hospitals MUST receive more help and support from our government – more money, more staff, more beds, more resources. Please we beg you, stop trying to win the popularity contest with us and please, just run our country in the right direction, for the benefit of us All!