The campaign to save rate-payers money and improve waste management services in the Wingecarribee is stepping up a notch this week as Labor’s Shadow Minister for Regional Services and Local Government Stephen Jones and Wingecarribee Shire Councillor Graham McLaughlin are taking the campaign to the people.


“We need to show the Council that this idea not only makes great sense but that it has the support of the people of this Shire. That’s why I’ve launched a petition calling on the Council to introduce Food Organics and Gardens Organics bins into the shire,” Councillor McLaughlin said.

“If I can get hundreds and hundreds of signatures on this petition, the Council will have to respond.”

Today’s petition launch follows last week’s visit to Shellharbour City where McLaughlin and Jones inspected that Council’s successful FOGO project.                          

“I’m impressed with the way Graham has taken this issue up and run with it,” Stephen Jones said.

“At a time when Council is looking at plans to increase rates, we have Graham McLaughlin putting forward ideas that will save money and improve the environment. I’ll be supporting Graham in the launch of his petition, because I think it’s important that we demonstrate that this idea has popular support.”

“My hunch is that if we ask people they will be 100 per cent behind the idea. My petition is the best way to test that theory,” Councillor McLaughlin said.

“We need to think smart and look at all measures that could boost Wingecarribee’ s operations.

“There is plenty of evidence that this can make a real difference. By reducing domestic household waste by 30 per cent through food organics being diverted we could achieve transport and disposal savings of $450,000 per year in the Wingecarribee.

“We can’t just go back to rate-payers again and again and ask them to fork out more without looking closely at alternatives for saving money. I want to hear what you think, so when you see me around the Highlands come and have a chat about what is on your mind.”